The ASC event at Agenda on January 4th kick started 2013 on a strong note. Our presenters wove their storied careers into a mix of inspiration, insights and practical advice under the banner of “reinvention” as a central theme.

Highlights include:
• Myles Kovacs shares how to stay ahead of trends and the meaning of true vision.
• Change maker Amy Purdy’s ability to adapt transformed not only her life, but the world of sport.
• Jarka Duba’s attention to detail and persistence helped POC take North America by storm.
• Turning darkness into lightning: how Danny Way and Jacob Rosenberg collaborated to make an epic career into a theatrical release.

Beyond the presentations, the real highlight was connecting with people during the event. The spark in the room and the number of folks who engaged in conversations was epic.

Special thank you to the speakers, our event partners, the photographers who donated their works, and DUB Magazine for showing their cars.

+ Photo Exhibit from Top Photographers in Action Sports, Music & Culture
Including J. Grant Brittain, Mike Blabac, Ricky Powell, Raymond Roker, Trevor Graves, Jeremy Deputat, Jeff Pliskin, James Stone, Claudia Santiso and more

Its presence can be felt on everyday mainstream culture through lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, media and technology. The action sports industry has become an inspirational source to push people not just physically, but also to come up with creative solutions and forces innovators to think outside the box.

ASC is a platform for those at the top of the fields to share and inspire by changing and innovating. Their contributions both personal and in their respective fields help shape what current and future generations will be influenced by.

This unique event will bring together industry leaders and attendees to explore multiple aspects of branding and marketing with engaging keynote presenters and exclusive content. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with likeminded lifestyle, actions sports, branding executives in an unparalleled atmosphere provided by the Agenda Show.

ASC has a rich history of bringing together attendees and speakers from many industries with companies such as Burton, Disney, ESPN, Fast Company, FUEL TV, The Hundreds, Hurley, IMG, Monster Energy, NBC, New Era, Nike, Oakley, Red Bull, Saatchi & Saatchi, Target, Transworld Media, UFC, US Olympic Committee, Vans, Verizon, and Wasserman Media Group.