In one sense, ComplexCon is the end result of a process begun over a decade ago, when a daring group of artists, journalists and publishers set out to redefine the meaning of pop culture through Complex magazine. The success of the magazine paved the way for a dynamic, genre-defying web platform and media company, which eventually allowed for ComplexCon, the world’s largest gathering of like-minded pop culture enthusiasts for a weekend of fashion, art, music, food, and more.

In another sense, however, ComplexCon is just getting started. The convention’s first installment, which took place in Long Beach, CA, in November 2016, provided an opportunity for the minds behind Complex to work with the likes of artists Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Williams as Executive Chairs of our host committee to craft a bespoke experience that appealed to generations of fans. That was just year one. Now, we’re going further.

Moving forward, ComplexCon will provide an opportunity for our partners and collaborators to blow the roof off conventional thinking in terms of brand integration, creative installations, and product offerings, as the convention continues to expand, both in size and notoriety.

Expect big things as we continue to harness the power of the Complex fan base – which Complex founder Marc Eckō foresaw so many years ago – to bring greater exposure to our cultural and commercial partners.

ComplexCon will continue to offer top-notch musical acts across various stages, such as our inaugural headliners Kid Cudi, Skrillex and Snoop Dogg. We will continue to work with visionary designers to launch new fashion products, and will strive to offer an ever-widening range of hospitality experiences to our dedicated fans. Every one of these offerings presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands looking to leverage the influence and expertise of the Complex team.

ComplexCon is here. ComplexCon is what’s next. ComplexCon is the Internet in Real Life. ComplexCon is where we make culture pop, together.