Why have thousands of customers from around the world chosen to get the Johnny Cupcakes’ logos tattooed on themselves? How does Johnny get hundreds of people to camp outside his faux-bakeries? Over the past decade Johnny Cupcakes, founded by speaker Johnny Earle, has grown from a small idea to a multimillion dollar, highly exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of worldwide collectors. Johnny shares his story of how he took his t-shirts from the trunk of his rusty car at age 19—with a learning disability and little to no start up money—to opening shops in some of the world’s most sought after locations.

In this session, Johnny will piece together how his success reinforces the power of details, experience and loyalty. Through his inspiring, and certainly unpredictable journey, Johnny exudes the fundamental connection between the person and the brand. Johnny’s presentation provides comprehensive blueprints for getting any small company, passion or idea off the ground—while reinventing how you do it. Johnny has been recognized for his innovative business strategies where he has been named America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek and featured on NPR, MTV, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, & as a case study in numerous text books.