Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the streets of New York City’s late-80s. In 1992, he moved to San Francisco to pursue his passion for skateboarding and turned professional for Real Skateboards soon after, providing him a rare and rewarding opportunity to travel the world by means of his skateboard and the industry that supported him. Brought up by the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach of skateboarding, Keith saw a chance to give back to the community that had raised him, and in 2002 opened a small boutique in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, which he named HUF. The shop became a meeting point for Bay Area skateboarders and tourists the world over, and brought together under one roof the most respected brands that the skateboard, streetwear, and sneaker communities had to offer. With its rapid growth and popularity, Keith launched his own collection, HUF, assimilating into one label what he felt epitomized skateboarding-lifestyle and its associated countercultures. Since its inception, HUF has evolved into a world-renowned manufacturer of premium apparel, footwear, and skateboarding goods.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, Keith remains extremely involved in the production and direction of HUF. He continues to travel the world on his skateboard with his friends and teams, which helps fuel and inspire his original vision.