What occurs when you bring together top brand and thought leaders into an informal setting to discuss ways to collective work together for a better future.

You have PTTOW!

an invite-only, member network and summit that brings together inspiring leaders from the world’s most innovative companies, along with cultural icons, to showcase game changing projects and fuel transformational media partnerships shaping today’s culture.”

The attendees included executives & company founders from AMEX, Live Nation, Warby Parker, Coke and those featured in publications like Fast Company & Wall Street Journal alongside past Group Y / ASC / Agenda Emerge speakers and members like BOBBY HUNDREDS (The Hundreds), JEFF STAPLE (Staple Design), STEVE ASTEPHEN (Wasserman Media Group), riCardo CRESPO (th13teen),  Jeff Kearl (Stance), Michael West (686 / Matix), BRAD STEWARD (Amer), Cristina Kown (Sonos), Michael Marckx (Spy), Nate Morley (72&Sunny), Frank Guernsey (Old Smoky Moonshine), Jeff Taylor (DC Shoes), and Werner Brell (Red Bull Media House).

Musa Tariq (Nike), Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds), Mark Sperling (Group Y), and riCardo Crespo (Th13teen)

Musa Tariq (Nike), Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds), Mark Sperling (Group Y), and riCardo Crespo (Th13teen)

As Bobby Hundreds mentions within his blog post “Back To The Roots :: Lessons From PTTOW 2014”

“For three days, we listened to fellow members speak, receive awards, and networked (got chocolate wasted).  There were inspirational keynotes as well as thinktank sessions, where we discussed all from leadership to branding, experiential events to digital video.  I’m very grateful to be invited to PTTOW every year.  It opens my eyes to how Big Money perceives and chases cool culture.  I also see my admission as a responsibility to the larger, true independent culture out there that aren’t fairly represented at the summit.  I do my best to be your voice in this conference of neckties and grant you access to a closed-door world that is determining so much of predominant culture.”  >> click here to read full recap



Official Press Release:

2014 PTTOW! Summit Welcomes 210 Brand Executives And Culture Luminaries To Participate In A Radically Inclusive Think Tank Experience Curating Game Changing Partnerships And Achieving The Impossible

6th Annual Executive Summit Announces First-Ever Nelson Mandela Awards And Celebrates Icons Including Hugh Evans, Bob Pittman, Sharon Stone, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Shaun White & Dustin Yellin

PTTOW!, an invite-only, member network hosts the 6th annual PTTOW! Summit, gathering C-level executives and cultural influencers from over 70 industries including technology, media, fashion, marketing, commerce, culture and social good, kicked-off at Terrenea Resort on May 7-9 for an unforgettable three-days of curated partnerships and think tanks.

Top executives from brands American Express, Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Intel, Nike, Red Bull, Samsung, Spotify, The Hundreds, VANS, VICE, Warby Parker, Xbox, and hundreds of other culture shapers from around the world gathered to collaborate around this year’s theme of Achieving the Impossible.

“Lasso an asteroid” – Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of XPRIZE and passionate leader in solving the world’s biggest problems opened the summit inspiring attending members to think about radical abundance, the critical importance of mindset and impossible success. “The day before a major break through, it’s a crazy idea.”

“We think about as many instagrammable moments as possible,” – Neil Blumenthal, CEO of game changing fashion eyewear company, Warby Parker, when speaking about the blurred lines of marketing meets rapid business growth, employees and customers. “The businesses that matter and that will succeed will be authentic, make a difference, and be interesting at the dinner table.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” – Kweku Mandela shared the life changing words of his grandfather, Nelson Mandela, on the main stage while presenting the first ever Nelson Mandela Changemaker awards in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Out of Africa, Tribeca Film Festival and UNAIDS.

Kweku Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela

Kweku Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela

“Six years ago we had a vision to bring together the highest level executives and luminaries of our time and inspire them to think even bigger, maybe even blow their minds,” said co-founder of PTTOW!, Roman Tsunder. “Today I am humbled to have shared the room with some of the most influential people and companies on earth, playing a role in designing the most dynamic unexpected partnerships on the planet that will shape our culture both today and tomorrow.”

In partnership with PTTOW!, The Nelson Mandela Foundation delivered the first ever Nelson Mandela Awards to:

          • Hugh Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Poverty Project – world’s leading activist eliminating world hunger

          • Sharon Stone, Celebrity activist and one of the world’s leading voice on the prevention of HIV and AIDS

          • Dustin Yellin, MIT scientist meets contemporary famed artist, reinventing community through art

Honorees received an exclusive Leonardo DaVinci writing instrument, created by luxury goods provider, MontBlanc.

Also announced were the PTTOW! Icon Awards recognizing culture shapers through leadership, philanthropy and innovation. This year’s award’s recipients were:

         • Kerri Walsh Jennings, three time Gold medal winner and one of the world’s most inspiring female athletes

         • Shaun White, Transformational snowboarder and skateboarder making action sports accessible to all

         • Bob Pittman, Chairman & CEO of Clear Channel and co-founder of MTV, the man who created the first platform for shaping culture that has had ripple affects                for decades beyond.

Icon Award Winner Shaun White (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for PTTOW!)

Icon Award Winner Shaun White (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for PTTOW!)

Additional highlights alongside of 28 PTTOW! Think Tanks included the first ever Spark Sessions, which are hundreds of thoughtfully curated eight-minute sit downs between members crafted and designed to organically spark friendships that ultimately inspire unexpected business relationships; a surprise appearance by Armin van Buuren and performance of World Cup 2014 Anthem The World is Mine, with David Correy and “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc; and activities including Navy Seal Training; racing cigarette boats at 100 MPH and an iron chef competition – all entirely focused on curating never before collaborations and collisions between executive members and brand leaders.

Singer Aloe Blacc (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for PTTOW!)

Singer Aloe Blacc (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for PTTOW!)

The PTTOW! private member network and summit represents cultural influencers and game changers from today’s biggest brands. From every major category, PTTOW! represents nearly every facet of culture including space travel, art, media, fashion, technology, gaming, music, retail, social good and sports and exists to foster meaningful and unexpected collaborations that shape tomorrow’s culture. This year’s PTTOW! Summit was produced in partnership with Jowy Productions, an event design and production company based in Los Angeles.


Warby Parker's Co-founder Neil Blumenthal

Warby Parker’s Co-founder Neil Blumenthal

Werner Brell (Red Bull Media House) and Emmanuel Seuge (Coke)

Werner Brell (Red Bull Media House) and Emmanuel Seuge (Coke)

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