Overlap is part of the creative process. As Picasso stated, “It’s a poor artist who borrows – a good artist steals.” We gain inspiration from a multitude of sources and pull from a variety of artistic wells. A true artist knows how to work across multiple platforms and see the advantages and opportunities of the art created outside his industry. Straddling the line between art, architecture and performance, Snarkitecture’s Daniel Arsham & Alex Mustonen with Kith’s founder Ronnie Fieg discuss the importance of colliding industries, specifically between design, retail and fashion.

Watch The Full Episode Here: http://go90.show/2m3dXwx

FILMED AT COMPLEXCON – NOV 2016 in Long Beach, CA 

ComplexCon is the first-ever, first of its kind festival and exhibition created to bring together pop culture, art, music, food, style, sports, and more, curated by Marc Ecko, Pharrell & Tadashi Murakami.

Complex Conversations is a series of panels where we put tastemakers and influencers in a room to talk about the things you care about the most. Everything from music to education to marijuana policy to—of course—sneakers.