Authenticity Is Everything

Founded in 2006, Group Y is the original and leading collective of professionals focused on youth marketing, action sports, entertainment and other progressive and expressive cultures. Our mission is to intersect influencers across industries and ignite ideas that inspire the current and next generation leaders and decision makers.

Leveraging events, outreach, content and consultation, Group Y takes the work out of networking and strengthens the areas where industries overlap.

Group Y has organized over 220 nationwide events, building a highly engaged online and live event community, and curated over 600 guest speakers from the world of business, fashion, music, entertainment, media, tech, finance, politics and more, whom all share a common talent: authentically engaging with youth culture.


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Value-Driven: Upholding the values of our heritage helps the culture move forward true to its roots. A community based on authenticity and personal excellence leads to better opportunities for every member, regardless of brand affiliation.

Options & Opportunities: Our original goal was to foster relationships between the spheres of Action / Outdoor Sports, Youth Marketing, Entertainment and other expressive cultures. Whether these new relationships led to new jobs, collaborations, or simply new ways of thinking, we saw the need for more focused networking and filled it. Who knew it would work so well? We now have over 50,000 online followers.

Insider Education: Group Y has expanded our offerings from relationship building to education, hosting panel discussions whereby our members can gain valuable, brand-building insights from companies like Nike, Adidas, YouTube, Red Bull, Vans, Microsoft and more. Our ability to ascertain the problems our people are facing, and the kinds of questions they’re asking, always leads to lively forums and fresh answers.

Real Relationships: Group Y inclusion is mainly by referral, offering strategic networking opportunities that go beyond spam fatigue. As evidenced by the caliber of our speakers, we are more interested in the power of face-to-face meetings than the power of Linkedin. In short, we help connect the connectors.

Group Y began in 2006 when the founders noticed that no organized vehicle existed to bring key decision makers together in an open environment. Despite the social nature of the business, it just didn’t seem very…social.

Since our inception, a number of groups have sprung up based on the Group Y model. We take the imitation as flattery, sure, but Group Y remains the preeminent platform of its kind. From cross-marketing forums to expert discussions on authenticity, our professionals are all imbedded within the cultures they represent.

We believe that real results grow out of real relationships. We respect your desire to combine social interaction with career-relevant education. Our ability to uncover answers to the questions folks don’t want to get caught asking in the break-room make Group Y the best way to “work” during time off. By sending our members home with unique, pertinent insights rather than yet another goody bag, Group Y caters to those for whom work and life aren’t so very different after all.