ASC Action Sports + Culture, powered by Group Y returns with more incredible people who are changing and influencing youth culture.

We speak one-on-one with Brandon Lowery, the new CEO of USA Surfing.

With our host Rad Season’s Oli Russell-Cowan, Brandon discusses his extensive career and the new role and future of overseeing USA Surfing.

With over 15 years of experience in developing athlete-centric initiatives, training facilities, and real estate projects around the world, Brandon’s expertise is anchored in due diligence, strategy, joint ventures, fundraising, programming, and partnerships.

As a previous member of the US National Olympic Development Program for soccer, a competitive tennis player, avid skateboarder, surfer, and snowboarder, Brandon is passionately active in community development programs with a focus towards action sports, music, and education that lead to lifelong skillsets including financial literacy, marketing, and career-building.


1:20 Brandon’s beginnings – competitive sports

3:05 Education / Business career

5:16 Working with Action Sports community & culture 

6:03 Creating athlete training / development facilities

8:05 Pre-Olympics training 

8:35 CATF skateboard facility 

9:02 BSR surfpark 

10:25 Mindset of boardsports community

11:10 Adaptive athletes

12:33 New role – CEO of USA Surfing 

14:58 Goal of USA Surfing 

16:00 Outside industry partnerships 

17:15 Culture over a Sport

18:00 Building up surfing grassroots / national level 

20:53 Future of Surfparks 

22:42 Paris Olympics 2024 – Teahupo’o

24:38 Future of Surfing in the US 

27:16 Athletes post-career 

29:25 Connect with USA Surfing