ASC Action Sports + Culture speaks one-on-one with Scott Bradfield, former SVP of Content for Red Bull Media House.

With our host Rad Season’s Oli Russell-Cowan, Scott discusses his career and leading an Emmy Award-winning team that has produced the highest-grossing action sports film ever made (Art Of Flight), the most-watched livestream in history (Stratos), and the spectrum of Red Bull Media House productions across all U.S. platforms from sports, music, and entertainment. Also, his thoughts about creating aspirational content, the importance of storytelling, and more. Scott Bradfield has an outstanding record of creating innovative media groups and delivering award-winning, high-revenue content.

Scott was responsible for the initial conception and development of Red Bull’s Media House, and as Senior Vice President, Content, he led an Emmy Award-winning team that has produced the highest-grossing action sports film ever made, the most-watched livestream in history, and the spectrum of Red Bull Media House productions across all U.S. platforms from sports, music, and entertainment.

As a former mountain bike test rider and professional cyclist, Scott has always been deeply integrated into action sports and youth culture. His initial role for Red Bull North America encompassed managing content creation through all marketing departments, and he was quickly entrusted with leading Red Bull Media House Production initiatives. From developing and co-producing the Red Bull New Year’s No Limits broadcasts on ESPN to collaborating with the Sports group to produce the Red Bull Signature Series, one of the most-watched action sports series on broadcast television, Scott and his team have forged partnerships with leading entities such as HBO, Netflix, Twitch, ABC, CBS, ESPN, NBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel – creating content and supporting marketing that raises the bar in coveted demographics. A case in point: Scott devoted five years to conceptualizing and realizing 2012’s live Red Bull Stratos broadcast, which smashed records for livestream and television viewership and earned the National Sports Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches in Sports Event Coverage. He pioneered action sports documentaries that transcend the genre’s stereotypes by centering upon narrative, he was an Executive Producer for the documentary feature McConkey, an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival that bridged the gap between core sports and mainstream audiences, as well as for The Art of Flight, the most successful snowboard film ever, which he developed with Brain Farm Digital Cinema and athlete Travis Rice. Recently won a National Documentary Emmy for Blood Road that chronicled extreme adventure athlete Rebecca Rusch’s personal journey down the Ho Chi Minh trail to find her late father’s crashed jet fighter. Scott was pivotal in the deal that supplies over 20 hours of Red Bull Media House programming to Fox Sports; leads content development for Red Bull TV, films, and digital channels; and is responsible for the rollout of all the company’s made-for-web content development on YouTube, where Red Bull Media House has multiple channels. Scott’s most recent efforts have included serving as Executive Producer for Emmy Award-winning, Any One of Us, a Red Bull Media House feature film that brings an intimate look inside recovery from a spinal cord injury that HBO recently distributed.

Prior to joining Red Bull Media House, Scott worked for sports and entertainment companies, including Fox Sports, where he was in charge of 54321Weekly Update and helped launch The Daily Habit, and Fusion TV, where he produced magazine-style sports and music program. He produced EXTV for Fox Sports and oversaw the U.S. web presence for Europe’s Extreme Group. He built the turnkey media department at 4Leaf Entertainment supplied top clients (e.g., Vans, Gravity Games) with video, web, CD, and print development.


1:09 Scott’s start in content creation

2:53 Launch of Extreme Channel (EXTV) in USA

7:05 Launch of Fusion TV

7:30 Fuel TV

8:00 54321 Weekly News Show

9:35 Daily Habit on Fuel TV

9:50 Red Bull

10:35 Red Bull Media House creation

13:50 Red Bull Stratos

20:20 Youtube preparing for massive Stratos livestream traffic

20:57 Trust with athletes

22:11 Shane McConkey

23:28 The art of storytelling

24:45 Proud moment – his team

26:15 Mountain Biking

28:41 Hans Rey

29:26 Red Bull Rampage

32:20 Evolution and future of content

34:10 Cost and team to develop content

25:25 More Content verticals now

36:18 Scott’s current & future projects