More than just a buzzword, Authenticity is the North Star in a landscape driven by commitment, progression and constant reinvention. From the clothes on our backs, to the content on our screens, to the terrain we ride and the heroes we embrace…originality and true passion transcends it all.

Group Y is launching an online series with insights & viewpoints from Industry leading executives, athletes and thought leaders:

• Anthony Napolitan – Pro BMX Rider
• Bart Reitano – 530MediaLab
• Derek Boucher – Vestal
• Derek Callow – YouTube
• Don Brown – Sole Technology
• Eric Grilly – Alli Sports
• Leanne Milliken – Saatchi & Saatchi
• Mark Sperling – Group Y
• Neal Hendrix – Pro Skateboarder, Woodward Camp
• Norb Garrett – Grind Media
• Patrick Mcilvain – Oakley
• Pat O’Connell – Hurley
• Pat Parnell – TV Personality
• Phil Shalala – Krush Mobile
• riCardo crespo – Th13teen
• Roland Sands – Roland Sands Designs
• Seth Combs – Sol Republic
• Shaun Neff – Neff
• Steve Larosiliere – STOKED

Santigold – Disparate Youth
from “Master of My Make-Believe” (Atlantic)

Provided by Alli Sports, Sol Republic, Grind Media, Stoked, Youtube, Neff, Vestal

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