Lyndon Cormack was born in the foothills of the Rockies, and he hasn’t stood still since. His childhood was spent on bikes, skateboards, snowboards, skates, and in pairs of shoes that were inevitably worn through from hiking and exploring. A few days after his eighteenth birthday, Lyndon’s desire to explore reached a global scale, sending him through Australia and all over Asia.

Travelling aligned him with other individuals cut from a similar cloth, a few of which got him involved with the sales side of skateboarding, snowboarding and biking. Eventually Lyndon found himself in Vancouver, Canada, where he called a different set of foothills home.

Lyndon is one of two founding brothers of the Herschel Supply Company – a key influencer in the importance of the backpack as an everyday fashion accessory. Named after a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, where three generations of the Cormack family grew up, the Herschel brand was founded in 2009 and hasn’t stood still since. Now positioned as a global accessories brand, Herschel Supply products are designed in Canada and sold in the foothills of the Rockies, as well as Australia, Asia and ?? other countries around the world.