WORLDZ is an annual summit and community for marketers and innovators that connects today’s top CEOs, CMOs, and Cultural Icons across all 70+ industries that are shaping culture with rising stars (think the leaders of tomorrow) to create the world of tomorrow. We are now moving into our fourth year and in the last two years, we have successfully scaled from 700 members to over 3,500+ and host 10+ year-round member only experiences.

Think of WORLDZ as the “Business of Culture” we bring together all the “passion” industries like Fashion, Film, Music, Gaming, etc to create partnerships & collaborations that will transcend beyond the event.

WORLDZ 2019 is taking place September 10 + 11th at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. We will have 3000+ members join us across all industries along with 350+ Masters/Titans that will be sharing the tips and strategies that got them to where they are along with what will be shaping the world of tomorrow.

We bring together 3000+ decision makers across all industries to collaborate, partner together, and come up with out of the box solutions to everyday problems

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Three Elements of WORLDZ:

Networking: WORLDZ Members range from Sr. Manager – CEO and are key decision makers. We also have 15+ year-round events at staple events like CES, SXSW, Cannes Lions, along with events in Los Angeles and New York.

Learning / Mentorships: The WORLDZ Masters & Titans are at WORLDZ as a resource and offer 1-1 sessions throughout the event. Teams get to learn from the world’s masters – through a personal curriculum. We offer 1:1 curated mentorship sessions, Mentorship Lunches (~10 people), and a year-round app to engage with the community year round

Experiential: With Art, Music, and Wellness activities we let people take a step outside their everyday professional careers and see things in a new light

Education / Programming:
Split between breakout programming, keynote sessions, and experiential engagements – WORLDZ is more about being part of the conversation than being spoken to.

Some examples of our Master Courses include: Driving Company Values with Lyft, The Power of Music & Brands with Pepsi and Sony Music, and Bio-Hacking // Unlocking Your Brains Potential with Halo Neuroscience.

All of our programming this year is delineated across our four tracks:
• Culture: Music, Film, Fashion, Gaming/E-Gaming, Online Media, Publishing, Etc
• Technology: AI, AR/VR/MR, Enterprise Technology, AdTech,
• Leadership: Executive Coaching, HR/Learning & Development, Bio-Hacking, Employee Performance, Etc
• Social Impact: Environmentalism, Social Justice/Reform.

About Launchpad
WORLDZ LaunchPad provides a platform for early-stage start-ups to present their business to some of the world’s most influential VCs and brands. LaunchPad judges will provide real-time feedback and judging amongst fellow seasoned investors and entrepreneurs. Judges will listen to semifinalists’ pitches, pose questions to founders, and rate each company. The overall winner will be announced and celebrated on the WORLDZ main stage at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, September 11th.

The WORLDZ LaunchPad is dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs – those who are truly disrupting their market or fundamentally changing our world for the better. Twelve up and coming startups will be selected to reflect this year’s four tracks – culture, technology, leadership, and social impact – and will cover everything from bleeding-edge AR/VR to the social movements that are changing our world. 

Group Y members receive a special 20% discount when registering, enter the code “groupY19” here!